Many features in a single software

Herd forecast

Through the herd forecast I consciously choose how much sexed or meat seed to use to have a correct comeback

overcrowding monitoring

Having the forecast of my herd and the spaces available for each category of animal it is possible to see if I will have overcrowding problems in the future

Milk Forecast

Futuralleva forecasts milk production for the next 48 months with the related turnover and food costs, directly calculating the IOFC (Income Over Feed Cost) economic index

Forecasting food consumption

By knowing the herd forecast for the next 48 months and entering the food ration, it is possible to predict the food consumption year by year and month by month of my herd divided by each food category

What do the breeders think?
What do the breeders think?
It helped me a lot in planning my comeback
— Giulio Federici, Pieve EcoEnergia, Cingia de' Botti
Giulio Federici, Allevatore e co-founder di ProFarmer
What do the breeders think?
Very helpful! Software that is simple to manage and use
— Mauro Serina, Tecnico Novagen
Mauro Serina, Tecnico Novagen